Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho

Sunday Igboho, popular Yoruba activist for Oduduwa (Yoruba) Nation, has issued a fresh notice to killer Fulani herdsmen in the South-West.

This was said when he had an interview with his spokesperson Oluyomi Koiki.

Sunday said, they can not come back when they are already at their destination and he will personally monitor the eviction notice to make the Fulani’s leave all the forest in the West.

He also said as from Monday he doesn’t want to hear of any kidnapping in Yoruba land and promised to show the Fulani’s the stuff Yoruba people is made of.

Sunday Igboho, “How can six million people be commanding about 250 million of other Nigerians? Marriage is not by force. We can’t live with you again. The Yoruba nation is a vehicle of salvation and I want all Yoruba to board the vehicle and have their seats.

“How can we go back when we are almost at our destination? Those who have not joined us should do so now because there’s no election come 2023. Yoruba will go.”

“Please, don’t insult our elders again. I don’t want anyone to cast aspersions on our traditional rulers that they have collected money. No, don’t do that. Even, if they were given money, it’s part of the commonwealth that was stolen,” he added.

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“Don’t fight the police or any security agents. Let’s do our rally peacefully. Tell President (Muhammadu) Buhari, if he doesn’t understand Yoruba, tell him in English that we don’t want bandits in our zone again. Work has begun already and from Monday, I will begin combing all forests in Yorubaland.

“I want all Fulani in Yorubaland to leave. I, myself will monitor compliance with the eviction notice. I don’t issue an order without ensuring compliance. As from Monday, we don’t want to hear of any kidnapping in Yorubaland again. I will show them the stuff Yoruba people are made of.

“We will tell them there is a clear distinction between Yoruba and Fulani. All these weapons they are brandishing, we will collect them with ease. We will blow ‘wind’ into all the forests in Yorubaland. If we don’t prove to these people who we are now, they will be encroaching on our lands when we achieve our Yoruba nation.”

In his statement, he also challenged anyone who claims to have given him money to boldly come out and say it.

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“If you know you have given me money that I should shelve Yoruba nation struggle, come out and say it now. No amount of money can stop me from going ahead with this struggle. You can’t kill me. Kill who? Throw a bomb at me? If you throw a bomb, I, too, will send thunder,” he said.