TB Joshua was very toxic and did much damage- OAP Ezekwesili Sandra

TB Joshua was very toxic and did much damage- OAP Ezekwesili Sandra

Radio host Sandra Ezekwesili claimed that the late SCOAN prophet TB Joshua, the founder of the Synagogue of All Nations, did more harm than good, even though all the praise for him went to him.

On Saturday night, the Prophet died in Lagos after attending a show at his church. The prophet TB Joshua urged Christians to watch and pray in the last prayer. After his sudden death, members of the congregation continued to praise the late son of God for his good works.

However, Sandra, a girl from Lagos Radio, posted on her Twitter account that the prophet who usually sells anointing oil and advises church members not to go to the hospital when they are sick, did not practice what he preached. According to reports, He went to the hospital before his death.

She claimed the late Prophet caused a lot of damage and anyone saying anything contrary to that is dishonest.

TB Joshua was reportedly ill and went to the hospital.

Did he not teach his numerous followers not to try hospitals and abandon their medication for his holy water and anointing oil?

His ministry did a lot of damage. Any conversation that doesn’t include that, is dishonest.

I said what I said. The man was irresponsible as a leader, did not walk in the footsteps of Christ and his ministry was toxic and exploitative.

Death doesn’t erase that. “I had nothing good to say about him while he lived, I won’t start now because he is dead,” she wrote.

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