The Yoruba and Biafra nation agitators have alleged to have United together to form a force to defend the Southern territorial boundaries of Nigeria.

A statement released by the Yoruba nation states; This is made to inform Nigeria Government and related agencies Oduduwa and Biafra  has united together and are sending powerful warning.

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These alleged force between the Yoruba and Oduduwa will protect the Southern territories of Nigeria against ‘Fulani attack or terrorist in the area.

The said Force has immediately called for stop to the incessant killing of the people of alleged Biafra nation.

We therefore interpret that any attack made in the people of Oduduwa land means an attack on the Biafra nation, vice versa.

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The Fulani have been the ones behind, the division of the Biafra and Oduduwa, but today we have decided to brace up and uproot disunity and today becomes historic for both parties.

We have started training, dining and sharing things together, we have all agreed to die together to defend the Southern border.