The body language of APGA, ressurecting the Decadence by SAGG

The body language of APGA, ressurecting the Decadence by SAGG

Written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

Good Morning Ndi Anambara, oyim Akam agwagi bu Ajo Oyi, but agwarum gi agwa is Ezi Oyi.

APGA use to be a Political Party with oneness, until they turned it to “APUGA BU NKE FA”(Nke Ndi Ekperima) then the officers of the party were ceded to charlatans and misfits, especially Umuazi na atu Akwukwo from side KOGI.

The founding fathers were drove out or locked away from the corridors of the Party.

Things have fallen apart in APGA and the center can’t hold again, but the demise of the party must be unless certain things were put in place, many corrections corrected and a move to right the wrong comes into play.

Last Election, the Party screwed many Candidates, they handed the party over to UNQUALIFIED boy who led the party through the abyss of embezzlement, take mighty men through Shrines to get them pledge allegiance and make Extortion part and parcel of the Party, the leader of the party careless even when cries littered the entire place.

So much were extorted during last election, not to discuss what happened in Imo as that may come again under litigation after the tenure of Akpokue and immunity erazed, but that’s not the center of today’s discussion.

I read where the Smelly Skunk of APGA, the Ikwurigba whose Body Odour can’t be erazed with a Bath in a Perfume Bathup, he said that GOVERNOR OBIANO has body language which assured the Party that Democracy can never be respected in APGA as the Governor has assured HRH of uncontested primaries in a party he wasn’t part of the making.

When party primaries become by appointment, then litigation becomes a solution, especially now that the Governor is going out, in his second Term, many may abide with hope that he calls the short again, but now he has no strength to make such calls and Politicians know the game well enough.

I have no beef with whosoever that flies the Flag, but imposition of candidate is a NO NO, unless in all truthfulness the Party wants to go into extinction.
How can the Governor decides on who to give the Party Ticket, when he is at the last Lap of his tenure and the Party has a Party Chairman on Ozomkpu who may decide to be his own Man even this once.

Unless the Governor think that Ozomkpu is amature in all things including after serving as Boy boy to the party where even boys without pedigree but from same town with Governor insulted him prior.

Governor Obiano should ask Victor Umeh what he milked from the then Governor to get the ticket he cunningly gave to him Akpokue. Let’s leave office of the Chairman and move on ..

Ewepudike has been leading all the Markets in the state as Chairman, meaning he understands the game of power play and can play the ugly when it dawn on him that it is the only play.
So you can’t just write him off, ogbaghe mmadu Nti for real.

Nonso Smart Nwa Nneya na eghe Akara may be a Rookie but like play, like play, that’s how butterfly enters Bush, and if you doubt his determination, check how he made it to the house today.

Chukwuma Umeoji is a Man who has APGA GRASS ROOT at it’s juggler, he is a mover, a shaker and a cracker in the Party and he has declared his intention to run, he is not the type that can fold just because the Governor has Body language, he too has Body and his ways are his language for the Initiates.

Ndi be Uka Chukwu are another dynamic you can’t throw away, they are odudu belu na Amu, you handle them with some semblance of respect or fa agbanyelu gi Movie..

The most Toxic Body language one can watch out for is that of Bianca Ojukwu, she is always Polished, appeared like onaghi azogbu aruru but even Cobra dies on her stride.
APGA dealt her one bad one last election and refused to reconcile with her, APGA forget they use the head of her Husband as magical Tool for winning elections and they forgot she is a Lawyer, a Diplomat and she learn Politics not at the foot of Ojukwu but on the Bed of the General, which means she learn it inside and outside.. That is the woman APGA is playing with as Nwatakiri, I just dey look APGA and her confusion.
You took away her Senatorial quest and still think you can use her Husband head?.. I smell Court cases and how Ndigbo will feel that APGA and Nwunye Ojukwu no na Court, it will dismember the party.

I would’ve feign ignorance about the Body language of the Governor but for the fact that it was that Skunk who the Government retained on pay roll said it, it must have been muted somehow.

I advise as Political Consultant with pedigree, ALL PRIMARIES in all PARTIES MUST BE FREE, FAIR And Transparent, that is the only way the polity that is heating up cannot shatter the calmness we enjoy in the state.

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, a Political Analyst with Feathers. I come with peace.


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