The Catholic Church bans Father Mbaka from indulging in partisan politics


The Catholic Church prohibits the Reverend father of Adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) Father P. Ejike Mbaka from participating in any form of partisan politics.

The leadership of the Catholic Church also prohibited the enthusiastic but controversial priest from making predictions about candidates running for political office. These decisions are part of the actions taken by the Catholic Church after Mbaka’s disappearance in May and the appearance of public disturbances.

These decisions are contained in a letter dated June 3 from Callistus Onaga, the Catholic bishop of Enugu diocese, who also announced the conversion of the worship department into a chaplaincy under the Catholic Diocese of Enugu. This was also a few weeks after Mbaka announced the closure of the worship ministry.

The letter however noted that Father Mbaka remains the head of the Adoration Ministry but Bishop Onaga can appoint any ministerial officer “to assist the chaplains to oversee the pastoral activities of the ministry.”

Below is the full statement.


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