The Igbos are the ones holding this country together- senator Abaribe


Senate Minority Leader Eyinnaya Abaribe called the Igbo the glue that holds the country together, and pointed out that they are more invested in the unity, peace and progress of the country than any other ethnic group. Or many ethnic groups. Abaribe, who represents the Senate constituency of Abia Sur in the National Assembly, made comments at the inauguration of Enugu’s newly established social and cultural organization “Igbonine” on Monday.

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We are the largest domestic investors in Nigeria today and have our investment scattered all over the country even to the remotest parts,” Mr Abaribe declared at the gathering.

“Igbos are the glue that holds Nigeria together.”

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We are found everywhere; we interface and inter-cohabit with other tribes and ethnic nationalities in the country very peacefully and progressively.

“Igbos remained the most travelled ethnic nationality to other parts of the country to interact and understand them better,’’ he said.

He said; “Luckily, it is not only the South-East or Igbos that feel alienated; but the cry of marginalisation is spread over the country.

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“They are only painting Igbos as only those complaining and causing trouble.

“Our country is supposed to be an inclusive country, where fairness, equity and deliberate action to ensure every part of the country is duly represented and carried along.’’


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