The Last 3 aggression that triggered Nigeria/ Biafra civil war

The Last 3 aggression that triggered Nigeria/ Biafra civil war

Over many years of Nigeria existence as a country, had been facing so many crisis of all kinds, even before the the independent came.

But after gotten independence in 1960 from the colonial masters, the game of power tussle and ethnicity came into play till date.

If not for the mentality of power tussle, ethnicity and religion aren’t differences, Southern and Northern part of Nigeria can peacefully coexist together without fighting each other.

However, Nigeria as the largest black nation in the world has passed through the hell of a civil war that lasted for 30 months between 1967 to 1970, just few years after gotten their independent.

In every circumstances, there must be a reason (s) for every disagreement that leads to any actions.

The Nigeria/ Biafra civil war began to smell after the first experienced military coup in 1966. The coup which was carried out by the Nigeria military forces, headed by Chukwuma Kaduna Ezeogwu (who was known as an Igbo man) to eliminate all the Nigeria corrupt leaders in the country.

After the succeful elimination, some military officers from other regions felt disappointed against their leader, Ezeogwu for not caring the same action in his region dEastern). They felt being fooled by Ezeogwu, they turned around against him and killed him and as well named the coup as an Igbo coup instead.

After Ezeogwu was assasinated and killed, the anger continued persistently in the northern Nigeria including with religious  killings against Christains leaving the north and thousands of the Igbos were massacred.

As killings continued in the country, peace started fading away amongst the common Nigerians. Retaliation and War started clinching all over the country and so on.

As everything was moving from right to left, they was three major causes that finally leads to the civil war which includes as follows:

1) The Ojukwu refusal to recognize Gowon as military head of state:

Ojukwu who was then, the governor of the old Eastern state with other senior military officers strongly refused to recognize Gowon as the military head of Nigeria state, due to their higher military rank than Gowon. The aggression continued disturbing of how a junior officer could be appointed as their senior after Aguiyi Ironsi was assassinated. This triggered the first major push for Nigeria/ Biafra civil war.

2) Wrong treatment of the Igbos:

Ojukwu as a governor of the Eastern region felt so sad about the bad marginalization of the Igbos in Nigeria. He quested severally for Gowon to resolve the trouble against the Igbos. This was what brought the meeting at Aburi, Ghana.

3) Aftermath of the Aburi agreement:

After peaceful meeting at Aburi in Ghana, which was scheduled by the Ghana president to end every crisis that was going on in Nigeria.

The major two actors, Ojukwu and Gowon agreed to resolve and end all crisis in Nigeria, they laughed and eat together in same plate as a sign of peace talk.
But after they both returned back to Nigeria,  Gowon as a military head of state broke all the agreement that was signed in Ghana, which he said that he wasn’t well prepaid for the Ghana meeting. Ojukwu on the other hand got angry and declared the republic of Biafra, then the Nigeria/ Biafra civil war broke out.

Watch brief video of how it was started


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