The life of Chidinma is in danger, I  suspects Conspiracy.

Joe Igbokwe took to (social media)Facebook to discuss Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu’s story, which has been making headlines since yesterday. Chidinma Ojukwu admitted to stabbing Michael Usifo Ataga when he tried to force her into an intimate relationship. Because the deceased cared about her, several people assumed Chidinma’s actions were motivated by avarice.

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He also sensed there was more to the story than Chidinma had said. He believes that there are more people engaged in Michael Usifo Ataga’s death than only Chidinma. He admitted that the narrative was a hoax and that hell would break loose soon, with more arrests expected by the weekend.

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Chidinma was allegedly forced to do what she did, according to Joe Igbokwe. The plan, according to Joe Igbokwe, was to make his death look like a robbery, but it backfired. Chidinma’s life, he claims, is also at risk, and she would soon open up and expose all. Anyway, let’s cross our fingers and wait to see what happens.


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