The Suspension of Twitter has a Positive outcome- Lawmakers

The Suspension of Twitter has a Positive outcome- Lawmakers

Yinusu Ahmed, a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) caucus in the House of Representatives, has stated that the Nigerian government’s suspension of Twitter is yielding positive results.

According to the APC representative, Nigerians’ activities on the microblogging platform have heated up the polity, but the dust is settling as the suspension continues.

The federal lawmaker made this statement while appearing on Sunrise Daily, a Channels Television program, on Wednesday.

“Given the situation and the scenario, I fully support the Twitter ban,” he said.

“When the security of the country is jeopardized, the government has the constitutional right to do that. If war breaks out, where will you be doing business?”

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“As a result, we are attempting to be proactive. I believe that rather than allowing Twitter to operate freely, Nigerians should be able to wait 10 days for things to be put into perspective.

“In my opinion, we should prioritize the preservation of the nation. We believe Twitter has played a significant role in heating up the state of our democracy.

“It is necessary for us to take some time in order to create an enabling environment. That suspension has begun to bear fruit. We have no regrets because the ban has produced results.”

In response, Solomon Maren, a member of the PDP caucus in the House of Representatives, said that if the president is offended by Twitter’s actions, he should take the matter to an international court rather than oppress Nigerians.

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“I believe that if the president believes that what he wrote was correct, he should take the matter up with Twitter,” he said.

“He can sue them in an international court, but he cannot bring the case before Nigerians who are legitimately conducting business.

“As Nigerians, I believe we must speak out and condemn what is condemnable in this area. Everything that affects Nigerians affects us.”


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