This Is Why The Escaped Prisoner Was Set Ablaze

This Is Why The Escaped Prisoner Was Set Ablaze

I think these prisoners who escaped as some unknown Gunmen burnt down some police stations will increase the rate of insecurity in the nation. Their escape from prison will have no advantage to the society but rather, it might even increase the crime rate in the nation.

Those who are involved in the release of these convicts need to be arrested and also dealt with. Just a few days after the release of these intimates, such a news have emerged. Only God knows the kind of atrocities others will also Carry out.

According to reports, one of the escaped prisoners have been burnt to death by an angry mob. These prisoners who escaped went to threaten one of the families who testified against him in court. He threatened to deal with them, but before he could execute his plan, angry residents bounced on him and set him on fire. 

He got burnt to death after this. I just pray other prisoners won’t also seek revenge on those who contributed to their arrest. May God help us.


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