Trump takes action ahead of Biden’s inauguration

Trump takes action ahead of Biden’s inauguration

According to Politico, US President Donald Trump has declared a state of emergency in Washington DC.

In the midst of police disclosure, Trump’s announcement that three were threats to attack the Capitol Building ahead of the inauguration of Joe Biden next week.

The paper called the rally “the largest armed protest in the history of America.”

It also came as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) informed its agents ahead of Inauguration Day of possible uprisings at US Capitols in 50 states, especially if Trump is removed from office before Biden enters the White House.

Trump’s declaration allows the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate with local authorities, as Democrats had been furiously demanding.

The new Capitol Police chiefs claimed on Monday night that they were investigating three different proposals, including one identified as “the largest armed protest ever to take place on American soil.”

The demonstrators are preparing to include armed rioters surrounding the Capitol and to block the entrance of Democrats so that Republicans can take over government power.

During the weekend, more than 6,000 National Guard members were deployed to Washington DC, with hundreds of them standing guard over the Capitol during the proceedings on Monday.