The Micro Blogging app “Twitter has deleted a tweet made by President Muhammadu Buhari’s threatening genocide against the people of the South-East.

It was learnt by ” The Gazette” that Mr Buhari’s tweet following enquiries from Peoples Gazette with the context in which the Nigerian leader issued the threat on Tuesday night, his Twitter may also be locked out of his account for 24 hours of face a temporary suspension for the offensive tweet.

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But following an enquiry in which The Gazette detailed how the tweet was essentially similar to the one posted by the Chinese Embassy in Washington which Twitter deleted in January and marked as dehumanisation of a protect ethnic group of Uighur, the social media giant backtracked, striking down the tweet of the Nigerian president.

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Mr Buhari’s tweet boasted about the role he played alongside other Nigerian military officers in the Nigerian Civil War of 1966-70, during which over three million Igbo civilians were killed, many of them rounded up and shot at close range or starved to death.

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The president’s tweet followed widespread attacks on public facilities by unknown attackers in the region, but critics said his comments were an escalation of violence and a promotion of genocide rather than an attempt to curb the excesses of criminals rampaging across the South-East.


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