Twitter Suspension: FG Trying To Cover Its Atrocities From Global Exposure – Ozekhome

Twitter Suspension: FG Trying To Cover Its Atrocities From Global Exposure – Ozekhome

Mike Ozekhome, a human rights lawyer SAN, said on Friday that the federal government has suspended Twitter operations in Nigeria to cover up its atrocities in the international community.

Ozekhome made this claim in a statement on Friday titled, ‘When A Tottering Government Twiddles Twitter’.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Muhammad, announced the suspension of Twitter on the grounds that “the continued use of the platform for activities that may undermine the survival of Nigerian legal existence.”

Ozekhome said, “Well, I am not surprised that the Federal Government has suspended Twitter operations in Nigeria. Are you? I have always said that this Government has a very thin skin for criticism. It is a government that cannot take punches, but delights in always giving punches to adversaries, real or imaginary.

“What does Nigerian government think Twitter loses by being suspended? It is just the Nigerian people that will suffer, in the same way, the Government has been punishing Nigerians in the last six years. Twitter will not even bother whether Nigerians use Twitter or not.

“So, it is the same beleaguered Nigerian people that will suffer, not the Federal Government or Twitter, because the Federal Government is a minute minuscule aspect of the Nigerian society, made up of only a few selected elite that does not care about the common man.”

The Government knows that Nigerians now express their resentment and protest through Twitter, by telling the whole world how Nigeria has been turned into a corruption haven, and a sprawling field of butchery, extra-judicial executions and slaughtering.

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Those in Government do not want the world to hear about their atrocities. So, they just gleefully tell the world that they have suspended Twitter and that they would soon license other OTT and social media operations.

“These people in Government know that Nigerians have been reaching out to the whole world, and they are very embarrassed that the breeze has been blowing, and the smelly backside of the fowl is always being opened for the whole world to see and smell its odorous side.

“This is the same Government that undeservedly rode to power using the same Twitter and other social media platforms it now detests.


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