Two Ugandan s3x partners created a scene after being trapped during s3x on the morning of Wednesday, June 16. It is understood that this hilarious and terrible incident occurred in Gulu city in the northern part of the country this morning.

Pai Robins Ogweng Akiiki, a community resident who disclosed the incident on social media, said that the two were stuck together and their s3x organs could not be separated after having sex. It is inferred that the companion is the housewife of another man. All the efforts of the two to break up were unsuccessful, which triggered an alarm and attracted the attention of residents and police.

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According to reports, they got separated after the woman’s husband arrived at the scene and touched their waists. The two are now in police custody.

Deceptive behavior is bad. # A drama happened in Guru town this morning. A married woman got stuck during sex with another man. After finishing s3x, their s3x organs could not be separated but got stuck, no matter how hard they tried, they did not separate. They began to sound the alarm, attracting the police and locals. This is after the woman’s real husband arrived, her waist, her sexual organs and then they separated, and now the two of them are detained by the police … I want to be this woman’s real husband.