Usifo Ataga, was tortured and murdered by multiple persons, family claims.

Miss Chidinma Ojukwu, a 300-level student at the University of Lagos, is said to have stabbed Ataga to death in the Lekki district of Lagos last week. As events have taken another twist the ataga family has relesed a statement.

His family, on the other hand, has urged the Nigerian police to conduct a thorough investigation into the occurrence, after an autopsy on his body revealed new details about the incident.

The family feels that the murder was committed by more than one person.
Inside the short-let lodging apartment at 19 Adewale Oshin Street in the Lekki phase 1 region, a rope suspected of having been used to tie his hands was reportedly discovered.
Dr. Isi Ataga, the deceased’s elder brother, corroborated these results in a statement titled “Who Will Speak for Usifo Ataga?”

“Usifo died a horrible death,” he said. He wasn’t stabbed once, twice, or even five times; he was stabbed many times. Even while his body lay in the mortuary, his hands were bound firmly and the marks were still all over his wrists, along with signs of torture and assault.

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“And because he was gagged, no one in the entire building heard his screaming. Allow that to settle in for a moment: he was chained, gagged, and tortured!”

“A room with blood-stained walls and floor, signs of a furious struggle, can be seen in the now-viral footage of the corpse lying on the floor. These could never have been carried out by a single individual.”

In addition, Douglas Aniemena, a boyhood friend, indicated that there were “a few alarming parts of this horrific tragedy” that deserved further study.

“The terrible and gory aspect of his body; the amount of stab wounds, bruises, bound markings, and other unavoidable torture marks on his body,” he told Vanguard. The sleazy stories, rumors, and false narratives were particularly stunning, in a disgusting sense. Apart from his property in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Usifo possessed a place in the VGC that he could have used.

He has a number of pals who operate hotels and short-term rentals in the same Lekki Phase 1 estate and nearby Ikoyi, and he could use their services if he required or asked. So, why would he agree to meet someone in a short-let apartment that the individual had reserved?

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“The only reason that makes even a smidgeon of sense to me, the only reason that I can fathom, and the only reason that I will probably fall for, is if it was set up as a place where some people or people I need to meet, perhaps investors, business I don’t know, will come to meet and don’t want the publicity of hotel foyers or restaurants, will come to meet.”

I honestly don’t know. That’s one I’m having trouble with. “One thing is certain to me: he was pre-programmed to go there.” The suspect’s story, that he freely gave her his ATM card and pin number, is as ridiculous as it is comical, especially in this day and age of mobile banking.

What would be the use of giving her his bank card and pin details and instructing her to withdraw any amount she desired? On so many levels, this is ludicrous.

Those who know Usifo can attest to the fact that he would never speak or act in such a manner.

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“However, does it make sense to you that he wanted to give her so much money, within the ATM withdrawal limit, and couldn’t just transfer whatever amount he wanted using his mobile app?” Come on, the amount that can be transmitted via mobile banking app, which we know he had and utilized to make payments, is significantly less than the amount that can be withdrawn by ATM on a daily basis.

Why wouldn’t he simply send the funds she stated he was willing to give away?

“Doesn’t it make sense that if his ostensibly free will offering was to give you as much money as you wanted, would he not have offered to transfer money to you rather than giving you his ATM card and pin number, (apart from the risk associated with divulging such, which is contrary to the behavior of a person who is neither gullible nor naive) would mean taking an Uber from the comforts of your own home?”


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