A man claims that he did not murder his friend’s lover, but rather assisted him in holding her legs while he beheaded her.

A 39-year-old man from Apomu named Kabiru was apprehended with a fresh human head belonging to his friend’s girlfriend.

Kabiru, a bricklayer and security guard for an office complex, described how his friend Akin brought his fiancée over to his residence and what happened after.

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Akin, he claims, slept with the lady in his room and then strangled her while he assisted him in holding her legs. Akin then hacked off her head and removed other portions of her body.

“My name is Kabiru from Apomu, and I am 39 years old. I don’t know the lady I am holding her head, but my friend identified as Akin brought her to my house yesterday. He slept with her and told me that he needed her head and heart.

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“He killed her and dismember her body parts in my room. I am a bricklayer and security guard, not a butcher. Akin knows how to do those things, so he butcher the lady himself.

“Akin did not promise me anything, but told me to take any body part I needed, but I do not need any.

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“My neighbours are those that leak my secrets as they noticed that something ugly was going on in my room and alerted my coordinator who later came to the room.

“My wife is not with me again, but I live with my child. The child was not with me when the Incident happened.