CNG, a coalition of Northern parties, has announced that the North is willing to offer Igbos their own homeland, Biafra, in order to restore peace in the country.

Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, the group’s spokesman, declared on Saturday that Biafra must be recognized in order for Igbos to leave Nigeria. He also accused Igbo leaders, including Ohanaeze, the apex igbo organisation, of secretly supporting the mayhem and violence engulfing the South-East.

“It is no longer in doubt that the current violent agitations and disturbances over Biafra is clearly an agenda with a wholesome backing from every component of the Igbo community in Nigeria and in the Diaspora including Ohanaeze.”

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“It is therefore, the peak of hypocrisy for the Ohanaeze at this point, to attempt to distance itself from the ongoing violence and crime against humanity whereas it has been silent all the while Northerners living in the South-East are daily harassed, attacked, murdered in cold blood, and their properties destroyed.”

“We wonder where Ohanaeze was when in the last one week alone, three major incidences of arson and looting against properties belonging to Northern traders were perpetrated in the South-East. Their calumny became so glaring in the mischievous way they, and all Igbo leaders deliberately remained silent when last weekend, a truck of onions with about 500 bags of the commodity was ransacked in Owerri.”

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“Around the same time, two trucks conveying palm oil from Enugu to Kano were intercepted and razed in Nsukka, and another truck delivering livestock to Anambra was burnt down along with the animals it carried in the streets of Awka.”

“The double standard displayed by all categories of Igbo leaders including Ohanaeze, are part of a mega but clandestine plot spanning several years with a clear pattern drawn from the strategies employed to achieve the results that the Coupists of the First Republic failed to realize.”

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He added that the North will no longer interact with the Igbos as federating partners.

“The North will no longer remain passive under such deliberate and sustained attacks on its people, nor be disposed any longer to relating with the Igbo as federating partners and shall take every measure to realize Biafra so that the Igbo will leave and peace would reign again.” he said.


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