sex romp

The young bride and her new husband, 29, were reportedly consummating their marriage, according to police.

On the night of their wedding, the young girl is said to have died while having s3xual delights with her husband.

According to The Sun, the 18-year-old woman began to feel ill during the night while having romps of s3x in their matrimonial home in the Brazilian city of Ibirite.

According to Naturenex News, the couple got married on Thursday morning at the husband’s property. However, as they were both having a nice time late at night, something unexpected happened. The lady appeared to have passed out after making strange signals, and the husband dashed out to call for help from a neighbor.

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According to reports, the initial cab that was sent to transport the lady to the hospital refused to assist. A second taxi was summoned, but the driver refused to assist, instead advising the husband to contact the emergency services.

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When eventually paramedics arrived at the scene, they saw the woman fighting to breathe and determined she had suffered a heart attack, according to reports. Sadly, she passed away on the way to the hospital.

While the upset husband claimed that the ambulance took an hour to reach at their home, emergency services said the first ambulance was cancelled and the second ambulance arrived in 21 minutes.

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However, testing proved that the bride’s death was a result of natural causes, as her body exhibited no evidence of foul play or violence. According to authorities, a neighbor claimed she didn’t hear any shouts or noises before the woman died.

The woman had a history of bronchitis, according to a post-mortem study. Following his wife’s death, the grieving man told reporters he wasn’t sure whether he could continue living in the same Brazilian city.