Angelo Ogbonna has reacted to his omission from Italy’s final 26-man squad for Euro 2020.

Roberto Mancini excluded the West ham defender Italy’s final squad. This is coming after a good season with the hammers. Ogbonna was crucial to West ham’s outstanding performance in the 2020/2021 premier league campaign. A place in the Europa League was the reward for Ogbonna and West ham in a fantastic season.

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Since moving to West ham, Ogbonna has shown consistency, earning him an invitation to the national team. However, his exclusion from the Euro 2020 squad has not gone down well with Ogbonna.

The West ham star also admitted his amazement and bitterness on this latest snub.

He told Corriere della Sera, that “I am very amazed and also bitter, perhaps he did not take into consideration the West Ham championship,”

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Ogbonna believes West ham’s battle for a top four place was underrated.

“We fought until the end for the Champions League qualification with Jorginho and Palmieri’s Chelsea, who finished higher, but we showed that we can beat any team.”

Chelsea’s Jorginho and Emerson both made the final 26-man squad.

Angelo Ogbonna opined that he merited a place in Italy’s final squad. He believes he was left out unfairly.

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“In sport, meritocracy must prevail, based on the championship in which one plays, on the statistics, on the value of the player.

“And this time, in my opinion, it did not prevail.”

The player will now look to focus on recovering for the new season with the hammers.

The Euro 2020 commences from June 11th to July 11th.




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