The Coalition of Northern groups (CNG) has outlined what the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) must do to get exit. The northern group said that IPOB must carry out a referendum to complete their exit from Nigeria.

Coalition of Northern group said this in a statement on Biafra via spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman. The Northern group demanded a referendum from the IPOB.

Biafra can get independence only if they could conduct a referendum according to the Northern group. They also warned the IPOB about the consequences of violent activities. The Northern group said the activities of the IPOB disrupt a peaceful future.

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” In our earlier submission, we highlighted the conceivable implications of the uttered threats and practical steps being taken by the Igbo under the cover of IPOB.”

“We note that following our demand for a referendum as the only option. Some southeast militant IPOB members continue to ferment hateful violence against other ethnicities and the Nigerian State. A handful of southeast leaders began a frantic move to cover their complicity in the atrocities by denouncing IPOB and its leader, Kanu. “

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CNG suggested that southeastern governors are backing the Biafra movement.

“We note also that while on hand, these southeast leaders pretend to denounce IPOB. On another hand, they are working to give legitimacy to the IPOB militant wing.”

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“The extent of deception also becomes apparent in the way these southeast leaders give the appearance of dissociating themselves from the Biafran violent agitation. They at the same time vehemently attempt to support and justify IPOB’s brand of self-determination bid premised on false claims of marginalization.”


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