What Davido Should Know At This Level Of Life

What Davido Should Know At This Level Of Life

After their mere exchange of blows as people claimed, they both (Davido and Burner boy) haven’ t speak on that till the time I’ m filing this report.

But what Davido should understand at this level of life is that ” success brings enmity, as fame and competition brings stronger enemy” .

Davido should know that in life many people always hate their rivals for no just reason, no matter the level of love you show to them, you’ ll never get that love back as you ever expected it, instead you’ ll get backlash so far you’ re topping them on the game.

I’ m writing this to point out about how the life event plays out via success. I’ m not a fan of Davido neither am I fanning both Wizkid and Burner boy. But I’ ve to express this for people to understand more about life we’ re living.

Life is all about challenges, enmities and all kinds of wars no matter the level everyones wealth.


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