What Happened To My Children After Eating My Husband’s Head” – Mother

What Happened To My Children After Eating My Husband’s Head” – Mother

Most times in life, unimaginable things often occur in our lives, making our lives so miserable and might lose hope, most times we face pass through things which we ourselves can’t explain. But when such things happen in our lives, we have no other solution than to pray to God.

Meet the mother of two children, whose children ate the head of her husband during the days of war, according to this Rwanda mother who said her husband was killed during the days of war by the rebels and when her husband was killed, her children were still young, to even know that their father was dead.

According to this Rwanda mother, who said that after the rebels who broke into their house meeting only her husband, finished cutting her husband into small pieces, they placed his head in a pot of beans, which was cooked.

A day after her husband killers left, her children went into the pot and took some meat from the pot, which was their father’s head and ate.

Ever since these children finished eating their father’s head, they have been misbehaving, according to their mother, her son always runs when no one is after him and her daughter who talks before can’t talk again and she can’t walk by herself and always misbehaving.

And when taken to the hospital it gets worse, but before the husband’s dead, her children were in good health.

And when she found out that her husband was killed, she was unconscious, but before she could wake up her husband has been buried alongside with the pot of beans which had his head on it.

And ever since her husband’s death things have been very difficult for her and she doesn’t know who would take care of her children when she is gone, because they are poor.


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