Femi Adesina, the President’s special adviser for media and propaganda, stated that Nigeria needs a leader like President Muhammadu Buhari with an iron fist.

He said such a leader will “whip into line” anyone who misbehaves in the country.

In a weekly article titled “I suddenly remembered why I fell in love with the president,” Adesina said that the president’s viral statement alluded to the Nigerian civil war, while warning that the country’s rioters “will be affected by life.” “Shock”. it should not be construed as a declaration of genocide.

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The aide to the president said the message Buhari was trying to convey was that although each region has a different discontent with the state of the country, assassinations and chaos are not an option to solve the problem.

In his article published June 4, Adesina wrote: “True. What our country needs at this time is iron and steel. An alchemy of GMB and PMB. We are in a democracy, yes, but democracy is no byword for lawlessness.

“If anybody misbehaves in any part, repeat, ANY PART, of the country, they need to be whipped into line. The nation needs not go into a tailspin because some people bear giant sized grudges in their hearts.

By the way, is there any part of the country that does not have one grievance or the other? Is the next option then to capsize the boat of the country? Any leader that has sworn to uphold the Constitution would not open his eyes, and see it happen.

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“Leaders must do whatever they should do to maintain peace and tranquility in their countries. Their intentions will always be misinterpreted and misrepresented. No matter. The good of the larger majority must be considered at all times. North, South, East, West, anarchy should never be condoned, no matter what some people may say.”


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