Relationships are beautiful commitments that lots of people, irrespective of their age, gender, religion, ethnicity, partake in as it is a form of satisfaction knowing that there would always be this one person who is always going to be yours, keep you company, make you smile, give you butterflies in your tummy, make you feel special and, most times, guarantee you that they are going to be with you till the very end.

But just as they are fun sides of relationships, they are also sad aspects of relationships. When you both have a fight and neither of you are willing to accept the blame, or when you hurt the girl and she doesn’t respond to your 100 calls or 1000 text messages, I can imagine how this feels.

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There is a remedy for that. Did you just recently have an argument with your girlfriend over the phone and now she isn’t responding to your texts? Or did she just leave your house in anger and, up till this very moment, has refused to pick up your calls or text you? Not to worry, these are things that are bound to happen and you are in luck as we are here to give you a few tips on what to text her.

-Sorry for the 2343 text I sent you. My heart made me do it. Can you please talk to me?

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– I know I shouldn’t have spoken to you the way I did. I realize how dumb that was and I want to show you how sorry I am. Can you please pick up your call? This is all my fault.

(Girls love to be babied and treated with so much care and, always remember that women are never wrong, so blaming yourself gives you an upper hand in having your text replied to)

-These few moments you left me unread and unanswered have felt like hell. Now I realize how important you are in my life and why I can never lose you. Please let’s talk about this.

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(Women love to feel irreplaceable and valued, so leaving a text like this will melt her heart, making her want to talk to you and hear more of what you have to say)

-Yes, I was wrong and your anger is justified, but please just give me a chance to show you how truly sorry I am and how much I want to prove it. I never want you to leave my life.

Women just want you to make them feel special all the time and treasure them, regardless of who started the fight or who is at fault. So do well to use these few and see how they work like magic.

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