What we should do first to get Nigeria right – Mkpisi

What we should do first to get Nigeria right – Mkpisi

written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

We all are focused on how bad the Presidency got things and how they mess things up so bad, we miss the main problem creators, most times I wonder how my fellows Pen pushers approach this Job, a Job that should stand as public prosecutors but instead we write from the prisms of those that paid for the Pen to exonerate the guilt, or paid with a directive toward an innocent one that should be given Media trial and prosecuted with Guilt even when the person is innocent.

Though I don’t expect miracles and changes both in Print Media or Social Media, as Print Media are not propagating the Gospel of News, they seem more interested on how to make money same way Churches are engrossed on how much they make and never how many souls get dragged out from Hell into Heaven.

Social Media are mostly Pittiance earners, Android parading clowns who sing praise, they can call SATAN God if some Data can be extended to them, then, they can call Jesus Fraud if you place them on some retanership that is good for street Rat, which is what they are.

Little wonder, none has looked at our Legislators, they are the only office without Term Limit, they are the only Political office not limited with Tenures and they are the only people who can be in office and contest for higher office without stepping down, talk less of resigning, so they have thier Cake after eating it.

Senate became an Old Peoples home, especially where Governors go and hide for pomp and pagentary, they hide in plain sight to continue the torment.

Once you are a Legislator in Nigeria, your sins are bleached, your atrocities became a Law and as long as you can manipulate the election in your Constituency, you can stay in those Chambers until Kingdom come, if they will allow the Kingdom to come at all.

In other positions, once you wants to contest for any post, you step down from whatever office you held, so that will make you to be double sure the sacrifice is worth the leap, but with the legislators they aspire for any position with the Jumbo pay packs they created for selves and when they fell they simply assume the status quo without sweat and Ina asim na ife ga Adi nma?

They make Laws that nobody can see, Infact they make Laws that favored them, especially where they have blanket cash cow, they don’t deal with law which will make Presidency better or accountable, they don’t make laws that will put them the Legislooters into good manners, they simply scavenge and the Constituency are only worried about Constituency projects, A Scam perfectly created to pull wools over our eyes..

When you kept watching the infinisimal Constituency substandard project, they bury Billions and the masses are busy chasing tails.

None of them can account for the fund voted for any Constituency project, how it was used or how it will be used, because nobody ever hold them accountable for misappropriation of Funds, Infact they are more powerful than the Laws.
They don’t appropriate, they mis – appropriate and in plain sight too.

They can Jaw Jaw about lootings that is second skin to Nigerian leadership, but they are not answerable to anybody and our Children with Android phones allowed them Void which made them waltz about as Lord’s of the Jungle.

I can say only Anambra Federal legislators tries to make some noise in the chambers, just because they knew our elections are always sentitive.. They tries to carry out penny and Kobo Projects but most other states have legislators that have stayed for donkey years without anything to show for it or any legislation they have supervised, talk less of sponsoring.

It’s time people carry out a public Legislation to cut the tails of the Legislooters, bring them to check and balances, cut off all the executive thefts hidden under some allowances and other mischievous money guzzlings.

They are meant to legislate and not to ruin us, but they specialized on ruining us than legislating and we the Voting idiots simply shat up and continue pontificating about ineffective Presidency, an institution that should be checked by our Legislators, which they have the powers of Impeachment, which is the only word that brought serious respect to the hides of Leaders.

What should be troubling us is not the President but the Legislative Arm that brings nothing to Governance and they are above board.

Having said my mind let me go and enjoy a huge Breakfast of Fermented Egusi Soup with Muccor spread Semolina as personal protest against the Nation in Limbo.

What else can they do me?.. They arranged accident to take my life and I survived without physiological damages , they crashed my SUV and it is totaled, so what next?
You can’t touch my life and I can trek, so genu Nti ka Unu nuru ugheli Danda..

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Special Adviser on Good Governance, Minority Opinion writer na South East, Nwa Chukwu Ku na aka na ONWU agaghi egbu nwu ya and I come without peace or violence because Mmiri ejugo AWO onu.


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