When will Nigeria be independent from the West? – LBMN

When will Nigeria be independent from the West? – LBMN

written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

I have tried to look at this Nation from prism of the caged, but we are not caged for the Doors are Ajar and because we refuse to walk away doesn’t make us Prisoner.

I categorized her us dependent, but all around me are brothers with Chocolate and Black Skins making it obvious that they are related to me and US and they are not dependent rather the west depends on the Minerals hidden in our soils, depends on the money we stole from Africa to make them Richer, as we found a home in them and our place a desolate place.
The difference is that we don’t make use of our gray matters(Brain).

We still look up to the west as the savior, even though we know they hated us with Passion and are regretting why we breath same air, which is why they always instigate Wars in Africa, so they can supply Arms and life ending devises, that way they want to sponsor Tribal cleansing, which is an act of Devilish apostles and it can be understandable why their Male(Homo) will crave the ANUS of another,Female(Lesbian) desire using her Tongues on another woman urinary and the accursed race calls it Choice of life, against what the creator called it “Abormination” and repulsive act.

I looked at the switch of Religion and Culture to blame it on our Woes , but even though they came with Guns to push us into total and unconditional surrender of our fate, future and present, but they left us over 6 Decades ago, but the retarded mentality still dwell in us and about us, so the best bet is to look deep enough to know if the gods smacked our leaders on the Head with Elephant Tusk and some particles escaped into their brains and interfering with their reasoning, for we always give jaundiced reasons like those that are ordained to live in Bondage as Slaves that will never be ransomed.

On National Politics.. what worries me is that we the impoverished citizens make leadership choices based on Tribes/Religion not the competency of one who we should hand the fate of our Nation to, so the person will build us up like or better than the West, that way we stopped looking up to them as our Jerusalem or the Grace.

We worry more about Imported religions that only divide us and kept us at bare, we forgot that both Muslim and Christianity are all imported to Africa and they took away our ways of life, which they met when they came looking for wealth they will acquire, which they did and rerouted all things including what they told us are our EVIL, including the carved gods whom they called deaf and dumb, but they took them home, created a conducive place for them, fed them blood from Blood Banks and some of them they Fed blood of Africans they took from us under one experiment that we can’t tell, in return the gods they made us despise enabled them to invent items which we buy from them as useless generation, but moving on..

They stole our progressive ways to thier places in Europe, a place afflicted by Mpa Nnukwu for the wickedness they share as ways of life , but the Pains is that even our own people have aped them now, we steal our own money and deposit same to them, instead of using the money to build up Africa.

If our leaders have Sense, they need to repatriate the money and use them to develope Africa, but I can tell us with my Anunuebe on my left hand, that the day those our idiots plan such, the West will have them all death through questionable and unquestionable method, and if doubt it ask DUDDY the Saudi prince how he ended his life because he wants to have lineage on the family of the Prince of England.

The Pain is not the stealing or the celebration of stolen wealth by our Episcopal Fathers , nor the chest pounding from the thieves to the public who glorifies them with Glorious names, what irritates is the fact that none of the thieves finds it good enough to invest such stolen Fund in the soil where it was taken from.

Say you stole your state fund and start a mechanize Farming, that include RANCHING for Ezigbo Efi Igbo, Ranch for Goats, Pens for Fowl, Guinea Fowls, Broilers, Layers and section of other Vegetables, including YAMS, PATATOES, UGU, UTAZI and rest of them, that alone will create employment that rattles the world.

Unlike the Iberiberizim Senator who invest on Hotels and Schools nobody can afford in Alaigbo but he built affordable one in the North.

Presidents also pack our monies and dump them outside our Shores, the Host countries will turn around and give same as loan to Africa and you are thinking you are Rich?..
Then you take yourselves to them for medicals and since thier economy is in ruins, they found a way to eliminate our Big mens, so they can process the hidden wealth to revive thier Woes, and we can’t even see it, once they off you and call it Covid or any name at all, we all will assume the experts have said it , yes they are expert in Evil, they save and Kill faster, but ka Ana ejegodi.

Bring back the money and build a replica of such Hospital where you frequent, it is how they grow to become what they are.

Well, you are daftly rich but just know the Caucasians are looking at you same way you look at ALBINO who is doing Big Boy to Ezigbo Asa, whereas the Asa will be wondering, this one is he one of the Boys or something for amusement.. Moving on..

Passing Vibe.. Anambara hear me … Attn IDC CONTRACTOR the builders of the three Okwabe IKWUBE, Commissioner for works, listen to this clear and present Danger…

The real fears of KWATA, AROMA and AMAOBIA OKWABE IKWUBE is not the cracks that you are patching with Bricklayer from Eke Oka..
The Rubber in middle of the Bridges are weak and weared off..Look at it and see that it is completely broken..

That Rubber held the bridge when it is expanding because of Heat from the Sun and relaxing when it is cold..

Now the Rubbers are weak, wearing off and if not arrested, it will disintegrate finally,and the bridge will cave inn, aka ewelu wua…a stitch in time, saves Nine…

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Special Adviser on Good Governance, Minority Opinion writer na South East and by his grace Nwa Chukwu Ku na aka na ONWU agaghi egbu nwu ya… I come in peace.


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