White man gives reason to kill all the Africans

White man gives reason to kill all the Africans

While people do bizarre things all the time, it is not one of the reason they want to kill an entire human in an effort to minimise population growth. Over the years, several countries around the world have designed ways to minimise population growth.

Often such interventions are methods of birth control. Other strategies to manage population growth have also been used by some nations. While some world’s nations have been able to control population growth effectively, it is never understood that the population can be controlled by destroying an entire race. For you to see and probably learn, here is a realistic case.

A video is currently making waves on social media. A specific white man making bizarre suggestions is seen in the said video.

The white man proposed, as can be read from the video, that Africans should be killed as a way of regulating the world’s population. Here’s what he said, “We need to kill the Africans, They are worthless and the population is too much, ” he said.

Here is a screenshot;

However, this article has gained a lot of coverage so far. The majority agree that what he said is incorrect. His idea was also bizarre, they argued. They have called on the authorities to promptly arrest him and prosecute him for making such a plan.

There are a few others who have reasoned otherwise. This group of individuals reasoned that it was good to monitor population growth. However, they frowned against killing an entire race because someone wanted the population to be regulated.

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