Why Boko Haram Cannot Penetrate The Southern Nigeria (Video)

Why Boko Haram Cannot Penetrate The Southern Nigeria (Video)

There are some controversies across the country that Boko Haram terrorists will soon extend their attack to the Southern Nigeria as after they must have conquer the entire Northern part of the country in some few years to come.

However, Boko Haram penetrating to Southern parts of Nigeria will be a very difficult task to carry on by Boko Haram terrorists due to many factors involved.

The region (South) has their different living culture and believe.

Aside, their living style, the southern part of Nigeria doesn’t have enough land mast like that of “Sambisa forest” which to contain them in executing their evil act isn’t available in the south.

Another difficulty that will frustrate their mission in the south is level of Educated masses which had already enlightened so many people in the south.

Education as a powerful tool to open the eyes of every human being living in every society has done great to every humanity. The people of the entire South (South – West, South – East, South – South) are well enlightened with knowledge and can hardly be intimidated by anyone to keep mute while carrying out an evil mission that’ll affect the entire society, just like what’s happening in the North where villagers are intimidated by Boko Haram terrorists not to disclose their identity or their where about to Nigeria military men.

The Boko Haram succefully continued mission in the North is due to lack of proper awareness, politics, fear etc.

The most vital reason why Boko Haram terrorists are more pertinent in the north is due to the high level of poverty in the region while to compare with the southern region is a different case altogether.

Poverty cause so many chaos in a society, in which the few rich will enjoy using the poor masses to carry out their evil mission. Boko Haram as a political sponsored group are so much determined to achieve the aim of their sponsor using the poor masses to carry on the mission and the northerners are so much suffering in poverty.


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