Why Boko Haram Migrating To The South Eastern Nigeria May Be Their Final Mission (Video)

Why Boko Haram Migrating To The South Eastern Nigeria May Be Their Final Mission (Video)

Any Boko Haram attempt to migrate South East may be a total end of their mission in Nigeria, despite the fact that the South – East region may not look so organized unlike other regions in Nigeria, but they are most tactical set when it comes to the issue of security in their domain.

The Eastern region which had faced several kinds of insecurity across the five states in the region, have conquered so many insecurity issues in the region. The way they’ve faced so many criminalities in the region have shown how they can handle any other terro in the region. Though the issue of terrorism had never experienced in the East, but hard criminal acts had witnessed severally in the region and how it was conquered without federal government influence was highly commendable.

Note: The actual reason for writing this article is not to selfishly promote one region or to castigate other region neither. But to briefly explain insecurity situation in the country.

It has been always rumored that Boko Haram group will extend their masacre to southeastern states in Nigeria as it’s being done in the northern part of the country.

But, the reason why their mission may likely end in the east is due to the level of enlightenment the people of the region have had and second part is that, the leaders may in the region may apply the kind of tactics style they use in the past to harness criminalities in the east, like the time of Eddy Nawgu when anarchy took over the entire South Eastern states with so many criminalities all over the region.

As of then, many easterners came together to form a united group called “Bakassi Boys” to control the exccesive criminal killings in the region and it works perfectly after so many criminals was killed in the East in order to bring back peace in the region.

However, the issue of Boko Haram maybe tougher to handle unlike the past criminalities that had happened earlier.

This time, the easterners who always have their ways of handling criminalities will surely look for another tougher strategy to harness and bring the end Boko Haram terrorism to stupor if at all it enters the region.


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