Why Children Thinks Mother Is An Angel, While Father Is Devil Himself – Last Born

Why Children  Thinks Mother Is An Angel, While Father Is Devil Himself – Last Born

Written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

Ututu Oma from Nigeria, wherever you are, choose your own salutation.

Actually I do not want to start with pleasantries but because amusirim Ike na enu AKWA (I was born strong and right) and they imbibe the spirit of growing well in me, not only my parents but neighbors and those who never knew me.

I grew up when the notion of Nwa bu Nwa Ora prevail (Child is owned by everybody) when parents know that what we ignored today will became Albatros of next day, when if a Child steal just an Egg, the neighbors will beat him to point of onye nwe Nwa and coming back home which they will drag you home and hand you over to your parents, then the Father mostly will spank hell off you…. Because Mothers are better Politicians when it comes go managing home affairs, Mother will warn you ka Nna Unu natagodi.. So when Father come back home tired, the wife will approach him with fake demeanor and complain how the child disgraced the family outside as if he has never eaten egg before, that she told him to wait until you come back to teach him lesson(a lesson she should have taught the Child on your behalf)
The Man who just want to rest will bring out Cane and start flogging, the same woman who complained will run out and rescue the Child and saying, don’t kill my child for me..

That has established in mind of the Child, that Mama is An Angel, while Dad is Devil himself… At later part of life, the Children can only Buy Mother Clothes, take her to Medicals, do Uka NNE for Her, take her to Omugwo and can openly tell you how the mother took care of them, as if the Man who worked all his nerves to rags just go bring the money same mother used to buy the food they ate is not in the house.

As if the Father who brought all the money used for school fees, Uniforms, Easter clothes and Christmas Clothes with Shoes, but allowed the Mother to go and buy same, is never caring…

Don’t forget about the Political angle, if a growing Child wants anything and the money is not there, the Mother who know the current situation of the family economy, instead of telling the Child that such can’t be afforded then, will tell the Child “Go and meet your Useless Father”, when the Useless Father brought the money and hand same over to the USEFUL MOTHER, she won’t tell the Child the source of the money, she will simply give it to the Child with smile and the Child whose brain are tiny wouldn’t ask, where did this money come from?..

How is it that things happen around here whenever father came back tired and fatigued.. The child will thank Mummy and not even a Word of thanks to Father, who will inhale the situation like a Native Ram..

Then sooner than anything he will die of Heart attack, pains, misery and abandonment, the wife will heap all the pains of life they will face on the late father as she will make the Children hate the Man even in death for not leaving behind an estate, which if left the mother would’ve sold all within months and Upgrade her life, if not start bringing Chewing Gum Boys to come to her house and Pound her like Utala Akpu… But moving on..

Most of us send our kids to Mission Schools to get Christian living, but come with me Kam tunye gi Azu Maka na ejerum OLU.

Most Mission Boarden Schools this days graduate our Girls as HARDCORE LESBIANS and our BOYS as HOMOSEXUALS, I can’t heap the blame on the school or the parental mistakes, but the Mothers who always rush to steal glory should be blamed for they pay more attention to thier Wardrobe, thier Nails, Whatsapp status, Facebook display of wealth or belonging to Socialite status symbol.. None pays any attention to the growth of the Child, they suggest moving the kids off to Boarden house, so the Mother can be free to start enjoying life afresh, they sold the right of motherhood, some have maids who take care of everything including the Husband, but if the Husband start seeing the handy maid as his partner, the wife will start spitting Saliva.. Men if your wife stopped taking are of you and hand same over to another, just marry that one and let heaven Fall, Infact start screwing the maid on your Bed, after all the wife adjudicated her Bed which is her throne for Inanities, if she don’t like it, marry the one who has the nack to act as a wife and let the other one go to Hell and stay there.

Our Children that grew up in Boarden Houses came back with so much changes that oozes of Evil.
Those that went to all Girls are mostly Lesbians, the Boys in straight schools are Homo and we the parents don’t care because they believe, I sent them to good school…

Shat up there.. What makes a school Good one?.. Because you pay heavily or the Morals or the padded result tailored to seem as if the child is doing well, just send the child to another school and see ma oga achita aja, but that’s by the way.

Mothers of today know when the Sons join Yahoo because they are the ones encouraging them, they are the ones enjoying the money, they protected them from the Fathers who if he wants to battle, the entire family will exile him even in his house.

Woman that Son of yours who told you he is using his phone to get money from Europeans are into Ritualistic moves, they are egging him on until he is legs and body deep into the Cultic fraternity, then they will stop demanding for Chicken and goat but Human sacrifice or who they love most, don’t forget you made them hate the Father, so you are top fitted for the ALTAR.

The daughter who started Akwuna right from Secondary, when she started using the Phones the parents didn’t buy, but the mother covered for her to hoodwink some fathers who care enough to Notice, as some don’t and won’t even Notice even if you hit him on the face with the phone, some parents are idiots.

When your Daughter started wearing like Nmanwu Obeledu is the time you bring out the healing stick and read my Lips, if the mother interfere flog her as well, if your Episcopal father step into your house to chastise you, lend him some stroke of the cane as well, you as a Father has the responsibility of building your family and not your wife who should be a helper.

Mothers don’t use correctional Cane because they are banking on Tomorrow, what they will benefit from the children, but Men simply want to get thier Children on the right and Godly track, so if your wife ever say to you “leave my Child for me”, not leave our Child, you don’t need DNA, she has told you the truth, the Children are not yours but congregation of Men, so either you drew line on the sand and battle it or you send them all to DNA, so if the result says you are the father, the wife must come before her Umunna to explain what she mean when she said “Leave my Children” instead of our Children..

Don’t wave it away for that is battle that must be fought and corrected.

As a Father you have all the rights in the world and in Heaven to discipline your Children and those resident in your house, after all “Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child is not a Metaphor but reality”.

Father’s stop abandoning the welfare of your Family to the wife, sit back and look deep into your family, try and cure the ailment while it can’t be cured.

Your Children may have failed but you can deliver them, but leave them at the mercy of the mother, just know na Nkita Nwanyi zuru na Ata Akwa (A Dog trained by a woman eats egg)..

Not only taking care of your Children alone, come back home in middle of the day unannounced and check out things, visit your wife in the office or work place at odd hours, look round the rooms in your house.. A stitch on time saves Nine… The worst you will get is fight, but get ready for War, so if they bring Fight, you turn same to WAR and that will only be the saving grace.

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede and I am writing not to make friends but to have God fearing families, restitution in place and have us brotherly and God fearing Children..


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