Why did he sneak out of the hotel in a rented car with no security? Who were the other men in the car, and who was the driver? Why haven’t we heard from them?

Why didn’t Imo’s governor provide security for Gulak? Why was Gulak dressed in jeans and a baseball cap, as if he was hiding something? I’d known Gulak for over a decade and had never seen him in jeans and a baseball cap.

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Why didn’t the Governor provide him with a car to take him to the airport? Is it true that they had a major falling out over some unresolved issues?

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Why did the Governor declare a political assassination within 24 hours of the incident? How did he manage to complete this investigation in such a short period of time?

Why did they try to give the impression that IPOB and ESN killed Gulak, and how can we be certain that those they killed later and claimed were Gulak’s assassins were, in fact, Gulak’s assassins?

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These are just a few of the questions that need to be addressed, but one thing is clear to me: the suggestion that IPOB or ESN murdered Gulak is illogical and absurd.

I don’t believe it for a second. Someone is attempting to defame a dog in order to hang it.


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