Why Fing£ring has proven to give satisfaction to women

Why Fing£ring has proven to give satisfaction to women

On the subject of pleasure!
It s of ejaculation, in a girls world, that is different.

The concept of foreplay has been proven by a lot of women to be what they ultimately drive s3xual satisfaction from. Some were generous enough to signified certain s3xual acts like Cunnilingus, massage, br€ast sucking to be their turn-on areas. But sadly most men don’t pay attention to that.

Fing£ring has also proven to give satisfaction to women, because of the friction the fingers caused between a girls v@gina and her clitoris.

Have you ever wonder why many women resorted to s3x-toys to men? The pleasure toy industry has recorded an increased in number of product sold from 2015- to present in comparison to previous years.

So needless to say, there is need for awaken in the pleasure business especially with regards to helping one another to reach satisfaction.

Which leads to the big question, how many men are concern about their women’s satisfaction?

How many have made conscious effort to see their female s3xual partners ultimately drive a bare minimum of pleasure?

How many are willing to try?

I leave you with theses questions.

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