Why is our marriage failing? A comprehensive study


“Till death do us part”, we promised on the day we were being joined in holy wedlock. Why then are we having many divorce cases? “The sugar in our tea” or even “The apple in our eyes”, we do call our partners before being wedded. Why then have those phrases led us astray? Many promises we did made, days when we were on dating terms. Why then do we leave all the marriage oaths unfulfilled?

Marriage… a life contract, that requires choosing a right business partner. According to the Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary, marriage is a legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. It is a formal union that join two hearts together as one and lead them to functioning as a whole.

Why is our life contract or legal union undergoing an inadequacy? Why are we encountering what we never expected? Why is the abode meant to be an haven of love and blessings now turning to hell and oven? The answers to these questions and the aforementioned ones are due to some certain factors that sprouted and blossom into the disarray.

Failure is the lack of success. It is simply the state of being inadequate; not functioning as expected or required.

Nowadays, most girls believe in what they hear and boys fall over heels with whatever they see. That’s why the former have their faces caked and the latter lie to them. Hope you get the point? Yes! Good! We (boys) sugar-coat our mouths so it can produce a sweet and mesmerizing words. They even go far downloading sweet words, quotes, letters and even poem so as to melt their heart, funny though but serious!

They (girls) in turn paint-coat their faces so that we can fall for a faked and packaged version of their real self. They see nothing bad in changing their self physically and emotionally so as to sparkle some reactions in the skull of the young guys while the latter also resolve to lying and faking life to achieve this beauties, since those petty misdemeanours are just for a meantime.
The failings that normally attach to our marriages are due to reasons which are classified as follows:

a) Pre-marital failings
b) Marital failings
c) Post-marital failings.

The focus here would be majorly on the Pre-maritals. This are various shortcomings that lies in the early stage of our relationship. It is a period before the binding together of the two souls as a couple. It entails the life they had been living before and after they meet. As already mentioned, lovers nowadays only deceive and cajoule each other. They package and coat all their bodies and dress up in shinning attires so as to attract their partners. They would keep on lying to each other so as to satisfy their unnecessary needs. Now, once they got married, that’s when the problems would ensue. Disguising and lying is no more feasible and if it is, it would no more be effective. They got to see each other for the real who they are. This, in most cases would lead to hatred and constant brawl among the duo which may later lead to the dissolution of the marriage.

In addition to, most people are in a relationship but rather in love with another person entirely. This is due to the fact that they are used to such person before getting married to their partners. This individual normally referred to as (bestie) would be the chick in their eyes but circumstances doesn’t allow them to marry so, they would keep running after each other. This would reduce love and respect for their marriage partners and in turn affect the marriage.

Also, various petty misdemeanours that one or both of the partners had committed before getting together are part of the factors that hinder the success of our marriage. Such vices, when later exposed to their partner would ignite a very huge hatred and enemity towards each other, and in case when apologies are not accepted, the marriage would not experience any tranquility whatsoever.

Furthermore, our unfulfilled oath is a major hindrance to the success of our marriage. It is important to emphasize here that these oaths are just due to the nature of our nowadays girls. They only believe what they hear. A guy, in his quest to achieve his heart desires would have no option than cooking up some lies. When they finally enter a relationship and the girl discover how things were hard for him, she would feel disappointed and go around nagging and cursing under her breath.

In conclusion, (although there are more to it than all the aforementioned). The solution to all the problems involved in marriage are not far-fetched. A successful marriage is only possible between a deaf wife and a blind husband. What does this mean? A husband that hear and pretends to hear nothing and a wife that see and pretend to see nothing.
Don’t love for material reasons! It is short-lived


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