Why Muslim Women Love Marring Christian Men

Why Muslim Women Love  Marring Christian Men

Major Reason Muslim Women Prefer To Marry Christian Men; by Mcebiscoo

In the past, especially here in my country Nigeria, we believed that it’s unfair, unlawful and against Islamic beliefs for Muslim Women to marry a Christian man.

But nowadays, it seems our eyes have opened, we now see a Muslim family allowing their daughters to marry a Christian man, now we see marriages as an institution where religious beliefs should not be its basis.

Though this involves many adjustments and compromises that the couple needs to make for the marriage to work, its worth it, choosing a life partner is an important decision to make in life.

Marriage is an institution created by God based upon love, peace of mind, form basis to ensure the continuity of the marital relationship.

For this reason, it’s meant to be enjoyed, peaceful without regrets. To be honest with you, many married people are hoping or wish to be single again so as to be able to make the right choice all over again.

If you choose right, you will enjoy it forever, but if you make mistake, it’s can affect every other area of your life. This subject is so important.

So why are Muslim women now prefer Christian men over Muslim men when it comes to marriage?

In my own humble opinion, these are the reasons, kindly read with an open mind, to get the real facts

Fear Of Polygamous Home – As we all know, as a Muslim man, you can marry up to 4 wives if you have the means to cater for their needs.

But Christians hardly encourage or celebrate a man marrying more than a wife. Though some Christian married more than one wife, but it’s not common. For this reason, our Muslim ladies nowadays prefer Christian men, because they are not ready to share their man with any woman and are not ready to fight any polygamous battles.

So, when it comes to this, Muslim women prefer Christians men. They see them as the better half, better soul mate and a companion.


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  1. Blatant lie, even if it is true he will keep her been the only one at home and having dozens of women outside. And guess what at the end of the day she will be the only wife with the HIV and AIDS

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