everybody have their views and reaching towards a particular event or occurrence and that is the reason why in a situation while some are happy there still those who doesn’t feel anything close to being happy

The Lesbians Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning (LGBTQ) activist PAMELA ADIE have however expressed how she felt about the demise of the Popular Pastor.

in her words she said TB Joshua Died on his way to the hospital after being I’ll for a few days

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While going to the hospital he left people in the church waiting for healing while he seeked medical attention. She expressed how she felt indifferent about the death of this Man of God due to the fact that he caused a lot of harm and damage to people especially the LGBTQ folks.

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In her words “TB Joshua died on his way to the hospital after being I’ll for a few days. He was on his way to the hospital. That is he left people camp in his church waiting for him to heal them and made his way to the hospice to seek Medical attention wonderful “

Some might feel the impact of his death but me I’m indifferent about it. He caused a lot of harm to many people especially the LGBTQ folks whom he conducted conversion therapy on and which obviously did not work

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The Activist further said that “she is happy people can finally medical help rather than being dependent on Anointing oil or miracle water to heal them”

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