Why Tinubu Should Drop His 2023 Presidential Ambition

Why Tinubu Should Drop His 2023 Presidential Ambition

The former governor of Lagos State and National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, should try all his possible best to drop his presidential ambition in the coming 2023 general election.

For peace to rain among the southerners, the South Eastern states should be given chance to run for presidency incoming 2023 general election no matter reason anyone has to defend his political concept.

The southern part of Nigeria should do everything possible to unite themselves together as one, just like the northern counterparts is doing.

The actual reason Bola Tinubu should drop his 2023 political ambition is to enable the zone build up a strong trust, peace and harmony in the both region, besides that, the region will continue to soil and retrogress politically.

Though, many political cabals are now trying to change the entire concept of zoning system at this junction in which the people South Eastern have not enjoined and they had been patiently waiting for their time to reach and this is their right time.

However, Tinubu should also know that where there’ s no justice, there will not be peace. Recall that Zoning started in Nigeria 1999 and to God be the glory, it started from the South- West and Obasanjo took it through People’ s Democratic Party, PDP. So why not give Igbos there own chance to benefit at this time.

Flashing back from the history, the presidency has reached every zones in Nigeria except South East, President Jonathan finished Yar’ adua tenure and they did another four years which means the South- South has done enjoined there’ s, likewise the Northern Nigeria.

Tinubu should not think of contesting for presidency in 2023, if he knows how Nigeria is peacefully enjoying with this zoning system. We all know that presidency belongs to South- East, not to South- West nor to South- South.

If Tinubu insist to contest for presidency in the up coming 2023 election, there would hardly be peace in the country and to the worst part of it, is that the Southerners will be totally divided amongst each other, because the South East will not vote to any candidate from South West that’ s affecting their progress, politically. This will now give the northerners an age of opportunity to continue ruling Nigeria.


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