Why Youth Leadership Will Be A Total Disaster In Nigeria

Why Youth Leadership Will Be A Total Disaster In Nigeria

Nigeria as a country needs a strong good leader to be in power in order to change the entire system of government operation ranging from corruption, improvement of education in Nigeria, development, economy improvement etc for a better Nigeria in the future.

However, since the average numbers of Nigerians are tired about how the country system of government operate due to the high rate of corruption which causes misappropriation of public funds to abroad.

Due to this effect, most of Nigerians have started pushing hard to produce president from the younger Nigerians, instead of our normal old men in politics that have totally disappointed us (Nigerians).

Chanting for change of power is a good idea to improve better, but handing it over to Nigeria youths will be a worst mistake that’ll ever happen and will cause more harm than good.

Eighty percent (80%) of Nigerian youths are more highy corrupt than the older once due to the system of government and environment they grew up from. You can take a look from most of the Nigeria univerties as example to see how corrupt most of the elected SUG president and members of SUG staff are so corrupt to do their assigned office duty as to represent student needs, instead they’ll rather be working in hands with the schools their Vice chancellors in order be getting bride cash from VC to forget demanding for student welfare, which was the purpose they were voted in.

Most not all Nigeria youth doesn’t care about the future welfare of the country, instead they mostly believe in their personal gain rather. Allowing the youth amidst our old political giganoid which have been in the power so long will put them into confusion and misdirect thems if the person didn’t undergo any special training about leadership.

As a young Nigeria, I strongly support change of power to transfer to youths but strategy need to put down first before such will be carry out.

Our youth who want to become leaders needs to go leadership training out the country to learn about leadership qualities and how to build a powerful nation and her future. Without this voting a youth as Nigeria president will be a disaster.


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