woman abuse man

Women are thought to be the only ones who suffer from emotional and physical violence. The perpetrators are men, while the victims are women. Isn’t it true that women don’t abuse men? Yes, they are abuse  indiscriminately. When it comes to assigning blame and making allegations, a woman may be cruel.

With each sentence she speaks, she can manufacture countless lies and murder the man’s soul. She may not have physically abused the man, but her emotional abuse could be enough to drive a man insane.


I’m not sure why abuse is considered a man’s prerogative. Is it because they are the more powerful gender? How about emotional fortitude? Some men are incredibly soft, and they act even more softly when dealing with women. If a woman intends to mistreat a man, she will have no qualms about doing it.

She can raise her voice, cry, and corner the man with all of her accusations if she wants to hurt him. Because a good man will not retaliate, she succeeds.

Physical aggression, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse are all examples of domestic abuse against men.

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Men who are emotionally harassed by women have little recourse. They don’t want to injure the woman, so they continue to bear the brunt of the assault. Men, on the other hand, are sometimes hesitant to disclose abuse because they are ashamed, fear that they will not be believed, or fear that their partner would retaliate. I’d like to contribute something to this. Women who have the most faith in their husbands are the ones who abuse the most.

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As a result, when a woman becomes an abuser, the man’s initial reaction is shock. Because the male continues to believe that her partner is making a mistake, the surprise lasts a long time. She isn’t abusing him in any way.

She is unable to do so since she adores him. This kind of thinking is quite hazardous. Evil doesn’t discriminate based on gender. A woman can be just as evil as a man.