Rape in society

Honestly speaking, to be a woman in Nigeria today, is to live with the expectation that you might be the next victim of rape, sexual assault, or other forms of abuse.

The societal reactions to these horrific rapes is a huge factor that silence women today.

And this culture diminishes women! sadly, it’s both men and women that participate in this culture.

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What language do we talk to girls when it comes to their bodies? 

What language do we teach boys to see what women truly represent in our society?

There is a global epidermic of male entitlement towards female bodies. And it’s something that needs to be address.

Many women can’t speak up today, because the concept around their circumstance is loaded with shame! And we all know what shame does. It breaks one’s soul.

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It breaks my heart each time a girl is raped and people asked futile question’s like, what was the girl wearing, or what was she doing when she was raped? As if what she was wearing or doing somehow justifies her been raped. 

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It’s high time we question, and interrogate the minds of these apologist.

Rape apologist are rape enablers.

These are people that use culture to evade the real questions behind these stories.

Women need to tell their stories. And we must owned them! Both men and women.