Yoruba land has been surrounded, and we must act now” – Prof. Akintoye cries out

Yoruba land has been surrounded, and we must act now” – Prof. Akintoye cries out



Professor Banji Akintoye, the apex leader of Yoruba Self-Determination Groups, Ilana Omo Oodua, says the murder of Yorubas in Igangan, Oyo State, was a declaration of war by “Fulani terrorists.”

Akintoye accused President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration of supporting “terrorist herdsmen who have been maiming, killing, and raping the Yoruba people and exterminating their properties.”

Akintoye urged Yorubas to “arm themselves with whatever they can lay their hands on,” according to a statement issued by his spokesman, Maxwell Adeleye, on Monday.

He praised Ondo Governor Rotimi Akeredolu for his stance on the Igangan massacre and urged the South-West governors to set aside constitutional objections in order to protect their people.

“Yoruba land has been surrounded, and we must act now,” declared the renowned scholar, adding that the Yoruba people have never been conquered.

The Senate’s second republican member urged Yoruba youths to prepare for “technological, spiritual, and physical warfares.”

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“The Fulani herdsmen attack must never be repeated anywhere in Yoruba land.”

“The Federal Government of Nigeria has failed miserably in its duty to protect the Yoruba people and other indigenous peoples of Nigeria’s South and Middle Belt from invading, marauding forces.

“When we consider the federal government’s behavior in the face of this threat to Nigeria’s indigenous peoples and citizens, we cannot avoid the conclusion that the federal government is a sponsor of terror in our land.”

“The federal government began by saying and doing nothing about terrorism, while apparently instructing security agencies to do the same.

“The federal government continues to paint a false picture of the situation to the rest of the world by claiming that everything is the result of climate change, even as the Fulani continue to issue statements claiming that their mission is to subdue all peoples and forcefully take their land.

“While allowing the Fulani to freely move and import various categories of weapons into Nigeria, the federal government prohibited any indigenous citizens of Nigeria from possessing any type of firearm.”

Akintoye bemoaned that authorities had dispatched the Police and Army to seize privately owned weapons, including those owned by citizens who had previously been licensed for hunting and sports.

“In light of the foregoing, we urge all of our governors to stop allowing federal officials’ objections to obstruct our peoples’ defense.

“We call on all Yoruba people to unite in order to defeat this threat. We Yoruba have a proud history of never being conquered.

“Let us not give in to conquest right now. Let us thank the countless young people in our country who have stood up to the invasion of our country.”

On Sunday, Yorubaland’s Aare Onakakanfo, Iba Gani Adams, stated that over 50 people were murdered in Igangan and that “war is imminent in the country.”


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