You Couldn’t Pay 30k Minimum Wage Why Fuel Increment!,? AGAP Party

You Couldn’t Pay 30k Minimum Wage Why Fuel Increment!,? AGAP Party

The National Chairman of All Grand Alliance Party AGAP Engr. Okey
Chikwendu has voiced Out! (He said Capital NO) to the New Petroleum
Fuel Pump Price Increment at this time when we are just recovering
from Covid 19 and the Endsars crisis all this affected our businesses.
We in AGAP and Nigerians reject it in total.

Okey said the hardship is too much for Nigerians to bear at this
period of time, this is unacceptable to our Party, with the increment
of a pump, price be rested assured that the price of foodstuffs will
increase 100% and transportation will also skyrocket.

AGAP is calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to reverse the price
with immediate effect, if he really loves this country and its

The National Chairman who spoke out his mind to one of his States
Chairman in Lagos, Samson, said AGAP Lagos state will not accept the
new pump price increment that Lagos is a peculiar state that will be
badly affected with the increment because of the populations, Samson
said the Federal Government who could not pay the common Minimum wage of
30k is now increasing fuel above 200 Naira, where do you want us to
get money and buy fuel, you did not give us regular PHCN light, where
do you expect us to get money to fuel our Generator set at home and
business environment. Samson Laments bitterly on phone.

Prince Adewale Samson said FGN should copy other countries that are
giving grants to help citizens because of the Covid 19 pandemic.
Though! he said Rumour has it that, FGN is also giving out such grants
but he has not seen it.


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