A young man arrested in Katsina, for abducting and killing his 3-year-old cousin, over ransom payment with two of his friends.
According to witness, the young girl named as Amina, was abducted by her cousin, and was declared missing, but her dead body was later found few days after, and it was later revealed that Aminu was abducted by the guy and later demanded a ransom of 2 million naira.

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Aminu fathers when interviewed said, that after days if searching he was approached by the young boy that handed him a letter that it was from Aminu abductor demanding for 2/million naira and would be killed if the ransom is not provided.
The father said, he was suspicious, and he handed the letter to the police, who later arrested him as the prime suspect.
Few days later, we noticed a foul odour, and we decided to trace it, but shockingly we found Aminu dead body in a three — sitter.
Aminu and his friends have been arrested and will be charged to court after investigation is concluded.

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