10 Fantastic Online Jobs That Pay $10/hr Or More

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Are you someone who finds it difficult to leave your house and has always wanted a job that requires you to work from the comfort of your home? Have you been on the lookout for legit online jobs you can do with ease and without having to dress up to go out? Then you should look into these 10 online jobs, which have proven to be not only simple but also lucrative.

Let’s have a look at them.

Online Proofreading Jobs

With the high rate of bloggers and content creators in the world, the need for proof readers and proofreading apps has grown really high. With this, as a blogger, you are bound to make up to $20 per hour as a proof reader. Then just imagine how much you stand to make in a day, a month or even a year. Proof reading is one job you should put into consideration.

Online Opinion Sharing

This is another job I think anyone looking to work online should look out for. Imagine getting paid just for sharing your opinion on things or a brand new product or game. Research has shown that you are bound to make up to $80 per hour just for giving your review or sharing your opinion on a product or brand.

Online Teaching Jobs

I was overwhelmed when I heard how much online tutors make for teaching online. It’s over 30 dollars just for tutoring for an hour in your house. Most of the time, not too much is required to begin an online tutoring class.

Creating Blogs

This is one of the most famous online jobs in the world today. Do you know that people who make blogs make an impressive income that increases with each month or even week that passes? So you might want to consider making blogs. It has proven to be extremely profitable and totally worth it.

Online Writting Jobs

Online writing jobs, especially as a freelancer, are yet another profitable online job known to have a profit of over $5000 per month. Get paid for writing online.

Working As An Online Transcription

Get paid about $50 per hour for each audio transcript you produce. If you have a good command of English and not much writing, then this is the one online job for you to try and gain an hourly income.

Customer Support Service

Do you know that customer support service workers make up to $15 a day for answering customers and helping them complete tasks?

Web Design Jobs

I do not think I can emphasis on how extremely profitable this job is. Web designing is one of the most lucrative online jobs in the world today, with a payment of about $70k a month, and this is just an uncertain estimate.

Social Media Managers

People, business owners, and brands are willing to pay up to $60 per hour just for someone to reply to comments and make daily postings on their page.

Web Developers

Web developers are paid about $40 to $50 for each job they deliver and are always in high demand, so if you are good at developing websites and have been underpaid for it, then maybe you should try looking for gigs online.

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