10 Reasons Your Phone Hangs And How To Stop It

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Smartphones are for most of our daily duties because they are so versatile, but just like humans, there is a limit to how much we can handle before anything goes wrong. The phone that hangs up is the one that has probably been utilized past its capacity. The amount of RAM and storage on your device, as well as how you use it, all affect how quickly tasks are processed.

The issue of a phone hanging, also known as phone freezing or phone crash, affects many smartphones. There are several potential causes of the phone to hang, from software to hardware issues. We’ll talk about “Why Your Phone Keeps Hanging Up” in this post and offer some solutions to fix it.

10 Most Common Reasons Why Smart Phone Hangs

There are several reasons why phone hangs. Some of the most common reasons are:

1. Low ram

A phone with a low ram capacity is only able to run a number of apps at the same time. Using several apps on a low ram phone usually causes the phone to hang so often, especially when you’ve been using it for a long time.

2. Low storage

Smartphones have limited storage capacity and there’s just so much you can have on your device before it gets filled up. Data like Videos, Games and Photos take up a lot of space on our phones and sufficient storage space is required for your smartphone to process tasks uninterrupted. Using up over 80% of your device’s storage will most likely result in your mobile phone hanging or freezing.

3. Malware apps

Mobile apps that are downloaded from risky sites or sources that are not trustworthy usually contain virus (malware) that is harmful to your phone. These viruses interfere with your phone’s background processes and eventually causes your phone to hang up .

4. Overheating

continuous use of your phone while it is heating up causes your phone to hang and sometimes restart. A smartphone’s heat should normally be between 35 – 38 celcius, anything higher is abnormal and will lead to cell phone hang problem.

5. Excessive use of apps:

When there are too many apps running in the background, it can cause the phone to hang. This is because the phone doesn’t have enough resources to handle all the apps.

6. Low memory:

When there is not enough memory on the phone, it can cause the phone to hang. This is because the phone has to use its memory to run the operating system and the apps, leaving very little for other activities.

7. Outdated software:

Outdated software versions can also cause your phone to hang. System softwares are regularly updated to fix bugs that may hinder your phone from operating optimally.

8. Hardware problems:

If there is a hardware problem with the phone, it can cause the phone to hang. This is because some functions of the phone are controlled by the hardware and if there is an issue with it, the phone will not work properly.

9. Malfunctioning apps:

Sometimes, an app may malfunction and cause the phone to hang. This is because the app may not be able to handle all the tasks that it is supposed to.

10. Poor network connection:

If the phone is not getting a good network connection, it can cause the phone to hang. This is because the phone will not be able to connect to the internet or send and receive data.

How To Identify If Your Phone Is Hanging

There are several signs that can indicate that your phone is hanging. Some of the most common signs are:

The phone is unresponsive to touch: This means that you try to touch the screen and nothing happens.

The screen is frozen: This means that the screen is not updating and everything on it is stuck.

The phone is very slow: This means that it takes a long time for the phone to do anything.

The apps are crashing: This means that the apps are closing abruptly, and you are not able to use them.

The phone turns off by itself: This means that the phone turns off without any warning, and you have to turn it back on.

If you experience any of the above signs, it is likely that your phone is hanging.

What To Do If Your Phone Hangs

There are many things that you can do to avoid phone hanging. Some of the most important things are:

Clear recent data (Cache)

The cache is a place where the phone stores data for quick access. Over time, the cache can become full and cause your phone hanging.

However, several apps on your phone stores pieces of data while you use them and over time it clogs your phone’s ram which causes your phone to hang. To Clear these recent data; Go to SETTINGS >>> APPS >>> SELECT A FREQUENTLY USED APP (e.g. Browser) >>> STORAGE >>> CLEAR DATA. Apply this process to other apps that you use frequently to free up your phone’s memory and reduce hanging.

Restart your phone regularly

This will help clear the cache and close any apps that are running in the background.

Avoid using live wallpapers

Live wallpapers can cause your phone to hang because they are constantly running in the background.

Uninstall suspicious apps

Applications that are not downloaded from your phone’s default app store commonly contain viruses that affects your device’s performance. Uninstall these apps and restrain from downloading softwares from unreliable sources to avoid malware that affect the performance of your phone.

Avoid heavy games/videos and using for long periods

Playing games of large sizes take up a huge space on your phone’s ram while it is running and doing this for long periods of time stretches your phone’s capabilities which results in hanging. Avoid these games on phones with small rams and if you have to, do not play for a long period of time.

Download & install latest software

Your phone’s software and other apps release updated versions regularly and these updates usually contain bug fixes that may solve any abnormality you’re experiencing with your phone or particular apps. It is recommended that you download and install system updates for your phone to fix any phone hangingor freezing problems associated with the previous software version.

Delete Irrelevant files

keeping irrelevant files and apps take up storage space on your phone and your phone needs sufficient storage to run smoothly. Delete heavy videos or games on your phone to free up space and allow your phone run seamlessly.

Get external memory

If your phone’s storage is not large enough to contain the files you need, you will most likely have to be deleting files regularly to keep your phone from hanging. To keep all your important files and still have your device running smoothly, get a SD card that can contain all the files you need.

Close unused apps

When there are too many apps running in the background, close the ones that you don’t need. This will free up resources for the phone and help it to run more smoothly.

Delete unused apps

If you don’t use an app, delete it from your phone. This will also free up space on the phone and make it run faster.

Update software

Make sure that you keep your software updated. This will ensure that the phone has the latest resources and can run more smoothly.

Reset factory settings

If all the above tips do not work, it is advised that you reset your phone’s software. Also known as Factory reset, this fix will give your phone’s software a fresh start but ensure you backed up your data so you don’t lose any important information.

Smartphones with more impressive specs are less likely to hang compared to budget devices with lesser specs. Whichever phone you’re using, the tips above should fix your phone hanging problem.

Note: Please note factory reset will delete all the exisisting files on your phone so you must make a backup of files firstly before doing so.
If none of this resolves your phone hanging issue, you will need to see a phone repair centre to have a professional take a look at it.


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