13 Legit Online Investment Platforms In Nigeria That Pays Daily

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With platforms like Pillow, you can grow your money and diversify your portfolio through art investing. While you won’t necessarily get paid daily. Learn More.

15 Legit online investment platforms in Nigeria that pays daily

Several investment platforms in Nigeria can enable you to earn passive income, daily. Read this article to learn more about online investment platforms that pay daily.


Young Nigerians looking to make the most of their money can explore online investment platforms that pay daily. The investment platforms listed below allow one to invest in a myriad of assets, from real estate and treasury bills to foreign stocks and cryptocurrency.

Some online investment platforms require as little as NGN 1000 to get started on the app.

The platforms listed in this article and secure and genuine. Read on to learn more about online investment platforms that pay daily.

Online Investment Platforms in Nigeria that pays daily

1. Pillow Fund

Pillow Fund

Pillow Fund is a dollar savings app that helps users get the best returns on their digital assets with none of the associated hassles. With Pillow Fund, you can invest and earn daily in Nigeria as it enables Nigerians to earn the best returns on their Naira by investing it in stablecoins. At the moment, you can earn 14% interest on your investments. The interest on your investments is paid in daily increments.

Additionally, users can earn over 10% on stablecoins and over 6% on BTC and ETH. Users are required to transfer currency to their Pillow Fund account to start earning returns daily. This investment platform does the heavy lifting at the backend so you can have a seamless investment journey on the front end.

You can start earning on the app with as little as 3000 NGN as your initial investment. Pillow Fund does not have any additional withdrawal or transaction fees.

2. PiggyVest


PiggyVest allows you to save and invest easily. This investment platform stops you from spending in excess. You can put away your additional funds and watch your money grow. Furthermore, you can track your gains daily. PiggyVest allows for savings with convenience and flexibility.

PiggyVest is a purely digital savings company. PiggyVest has several savings and investment plans for differentiated needs. You can use the Piggybank if you would like to save and withdraw every quarter.

You can use Target Savings to save towards specific goals like a college education. You can use SafeLock to lock away funds for extended periods to achieve your long-term goals. Further, you can diversify your portfolio with low-risk investment options through Investify.

3. Cowrywise


Cowrywise is a Nigerian mutual funds app like Piggyvest and Paylater. You can save and invest in mutual funds using Cowrywise. You can explore money market funds, halal investments and also explore agricultural investments with Cowrywise. Cowrywise offers a fixed savings plan that allows you to put away a lump sum for long periods.

You can invest and earn daily in Nigeria through Cowrywise as interest is paid out on a daily basis.

4. Carbon


Carbon offers diverse investment and personal finance solutions. You can start investing with as little as 100 NGN on the app. Assured returns can go up to 16% on Carbon. Additionally, you can customize your investment duration between 3 months to 12 months. You can set up a periodic target to achieve your goals. These can be quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

5. Chaka


On Chaka, you can invest and earn through local and foreign stocks. You can start trading shares with Chaka from as low as $10 or N1000. You can track returns on investments purchased on the Chaka website or app. Additionally, you can withdraw your cash within 12 hours on the same day. If you want to withdraw realised gains from stocks, it can take 2 or 3 days to process the transaction.

6. P2Vest


P2Vest is a lending company in Nigeria that is gaining popularity. This platform offers alternative loans to Nigerians by connecting legit borrowers to lenders and investors.

These lenders and investors are looking for better returns on their capital and P2Vest enable the same. P2Vest has a B2B loan platform as well. The token loan amount for a beginner is N5,000 and can go up to N2,000,000 with a tenure of one year.

7. Payday Investor

Payday Investor

Payday investor allows Nigerians to achieve their financial and savings goals by investing deposits in a money market fund. At the moment, the return on investments is paid out quarterly. Irrespective, this platform enables you to choose when and how to invest. You can create multiple goals and customize your goals over time. You can withdraw your investment at any time. It is one of the best Nigerian investment companies that pay weekly, or as you require it.

Additionally, you can earn over 12% on your investments. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₦1,000.

8. I-invest


I-invest allows Nigerians to invest in Treasury bills on the go, through their mobile app. Treasury bills are low-risk investments. Track diverse investment portfolios on this app. The minimum investment amount is NGN 100,000. You receive your principal investment along with the interest only at the end of maturity. You can withdraw your money at any time. Your funds must complete a mandated lock-in period of 30 days.

The interest rates are between 8% to 11%. There are no maintenance fees on the app.

9. Bamboo


With Bamboo, you can buy American stocks and Nigerian stocks. This is an online investment platform that exposes you to over 3500 stocks. Any user can buy, hold or sell foreign or local stocks on the Bamboo app. The minimum investment amount is USD 20. You can hold on to your investments for as long as you like. Additionally, when you withdraw, it can take anywhere between 1-3 days to see the money reflect in your bank account. Bamboo uses state-of-the-art bank-level security, data encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA) protection on all accounts.

9. Fint


With Fint, you can invest in P2P loans. Access affordable loans through creditworthy lenders. You can earn high returns on your money by lending money on Fint and diversifying your portfolio beyond stocks, bonds, and fixed deposits. The minimum lending is NGN 20,000. The returns you earn through lending are deposited into your account every month. This investment platform can enable you to earn anywhere from 26% to 39% on an annual basis. Additionally, a 1.5% fee is deducted from monthly returns.

10. Trove


Trove is one of the legit investment platforms in Nigeria. You can buy local and foreign stocks on Trove. Additionally, you can explore bonds, REITs and ETFs as investment options. The minimum investment amount is NGN 1000. You can hold on to your investments for as long as you like. Additionally, you can withdraw cash that has not been uninvested immediately. If you want to withdraw invested cash, you may have to wait for about 3 days. Trove ensures your personal information is well encrypted with 256-bit encryption.

11. RiseVest


RiseVest is an online investment platform in Nigeria that allows you to invest in foreign stocks. You can also invest in American real estate and fixed-income assets (dollar-denominated bonds). You earn dollar returns on your investments. You can start investing with as little as NGN 3600. The annual return on stocks has been 14% but the actual returns would depend on market fluctuations. Additionally, you can make investment plans available on-demand and invest for longer durations. You can track your returns daily. The platform supports daily withdrawals as well.

12. Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash allows you to send and receive money across Africa. With Chipper Cash, you can invest in Stocks and crypto as well. Additionally, you may invest in fractional shares of foreign publicly listed companies like shoppingmode Apple and shoppingmode Nike. Chipper Cash offers low commissions and fast trade executions.

With Accrue, you can invest in stocks, crypto and dollars by using the dollar-cost averaging principle. You can invest in the Accrue App for as little as $1. Dollar-cost averaging is an investment strategy where you repeatedly invest a fixed dollar amount in an asset, irrespective of its price. Accrue uses this dollar-cost averaging strategy to mitigate risk and reduce the impact of price volatility on your investments. You can invest in 100+ assets such as stocks, crypto, and USD with daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly investment plans.

13. GetEquity


GetEquity allows you to invest in Nigerian startups! Any startup from its seed stage to the IPO stage can be invested in by using the GetEquity app. This crowd-funding technique has given rise to several high-growth and promising innovations from Africa. GetEquity uses tokenised equity; which is the digital version of real security assets (equity).

Things to know about an Investment Platform in Nigeria before you start Investing

Nigerians are increasingly investing their money with the increase of these platforms. Money is secure and returns are credited to users’ accounts on time. Additionally, with the widespread use of smartphones and improved technology, Nigerians are making money work for them. These online investment platforms usually target Millennials.

These online investment apps are increasingly accessible to anyone with a smartphone. To take advantage of these factors, keep a few things in mind before investing on any online investment platform.

1. Returns and withdrawal policy: Usually, every app has a clause on their deposit period. This can vary from one day to 30 days to even 12 months.

2. Security: Ensure that the online investment app you invest in follows Nigerian security protocols. Along with this, you must make sure that the apps also have insurance backing, in case they default on your funds.

3. Asset class: Do your research and understand the asset class that you are investing in. Every asset class can provide returns based on the risk they are adjusted for.


There are a few ways to increase your wealth in the modern world. When you work a 9 to 5 job, you spend your time actively generating income. Additionally, you need to generate passive income through investments in assets and other projects to build different sources of income. When you plan for your future and set financial goals, you can have an astounding impact on your wealth and financial goals. Stocks and Forex trading platforms are not the only online investment platforms available today. Other platforms have emerged to allow anyone to invest easily.

Investing is a trusted way to grow your funds. Earn anywhere between 6% to 39% on your investments by diversifying your portfolio. With the list compiled above, you can start your trading and investing journey with ease. Irrespective of your status, you can earn immediately with a low minimum investment amount. The listed online investment apps can suit beginners and experts alike.

While an online investment platform in Nigeria is a great place to start your investment journey. Choosing which online investment platform to start investing with can be a bit difficult. You can choose your investment platform based on the minimum amount to invest, the asset class or the brand value. This is a personal preference.

There are a lot of online investment platforms in Nigeria that fit the bill. You just need to choose one and start investing. You can use multiple investment apps to diversify your investments and capital.

We have presented the analysis and deliberation on online investment platforms in Nigeria for you. At the end of the day, you must assess the apps with the best reputation and invest accordingly as per the rates listed. It is crucial to pick one platform to start your investment journey today to start building your wealth.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for general information only. This article does not address financial circumstances on an individual level. This article is not professional financial advice. In case you have concerns beyond this current list, please reach out to a financial advisor of your choice. Any action you may pursue after reading this article is only at your own risk and responsibility.

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