20 Young Nigerian Ladies R@p3d At Nylon-manufacturing Factory

In what is coming as a really devastating development, no fewer than twenty young ladies have been r@p3d on Tuesday night while working at a nylon producing factory in Akegbeugwu community, Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State.

The factory, situated between New Gariki and Total Junction at Akegbeugwu, is owned by an entrepreneur from Anambra.

According to a source who spoke to THE WHISTLER, the attack occurred during the night shift. “The boys came at night. The victims were on night duties when they were attacked. They raped them serially and left when they had done the harms they wanted,” the source revealed. In addition to the sexual assault, the attackers stole the victims’ phones, money, and other valuables.

An okada rider in the community reported that this was not the first instance of such violence against women in the area. “The neighbourhood network in the community is weak due to rivalries among the stakeholders.

That has weakened the internal security of the hitherto peaceful community. The rapists are suspected to have come from a neighbouring community. I don’t think there is a police post in the community. They have very progressive youths there, but the bad eggs penetrate from some outside communities,” he explained.

Despite the severity of the crime, local police reported that the incident had not been formally reported to them. It is believed that the victims chose not to come forward due to the fear of stigmatization.

This tragic event highlights the urgent need for improved security and support systems for vulnerable workers, particularly women, in the region.

The community and authorities must address the underlying issues contributing to such heinous acts to prevent future occurrences and provide justice and support for the victims.


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