2023: Here’s How To Find Where To Pick Up Your PVC

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2023 general election is fast approach and many Nigerians (mostly the youths/ students ) are yet to pick their permanent voter’s card, PVC till date. Many Nigerians have not picked their PVC, because they don’t know where ( location ) to pick it from.

However, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is committed to making voting in 2023 elections simpler for the general public.

INEC have made a method to pinpoint precisely where ward your Permanent Voters Card (PVC) is in, making it simple to pick up your PVC.

There are two methods to find out:

You must enter your Polling Unit (PU) Number in the first field. It is printed in white on a blue stripe in the upper right corner of your temporary voter card.

If you don’t have your temporary voters card, that’s fine. The second way has you covered: you enter the state and local government where you registered, and if you know your ward you can select it from the dropdown. If you don’t know your ward, that’s still fine, you can just click the checkbox and enter a keyword of your polling unit.

And if you don’t know your polling unit, again, that’s fine. You can use your state of registration, surname, and date of birth to find out on the INEC website.

Here’s where to discover where to pick up your PVC so you may vote. Now you have fewer and fewer excuses not to vote in the 2023 elections.

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