2023: Peter Obi Makes Bold Statement, Reveals Plot To Clampdown On Corrupt Officials

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The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has pledged to Nigerians that he will disrupt the order of failure and wickedness at the top tier of government if he emerges victorious at the 2023 presidential polls.

He made this known on Friday, November 25, in response to Nigeria’s Multidimensional Poverty Index.

The Labour party candidate decried that Nigerians should not be living in poverty, owning to the fact that the country makes trillions in earnings from oil revenue.

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As reported by PM News, he stated that the governmental dispensation is being run to suit a subset of society, leaving others to suffer in poverty.

He said:

“It means that the state is working for the few, and not for all the citizens of the country. It means that the future is terrible for every Nigerian – young or old, rich or poor.”

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2023 presidency: Peter Obi to declare war on corrupt politicians in Abuja

Obi further pledged that his administration would impede and clampdown on such a trend to make Nigeria an inclusive society devoid of sentiments and segregation.

He said:

“It is now time to end politics as usual, time to disband the army of greedy and self-serving politicians in Abuja and elect those who are connected to the people and those who share the pains and deprivations of the working and unemployed youths, abandoned women and deprived children across Nigeria.



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