2023 Presidency: Why I Felt Pained After Watching Tinubu’s Performance At Chatham House – Jimi Disu

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Amid the mixed reactions that have greeted the televised interactive session between All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential flag bearer, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and Nigerians in the diaspora at the prestigious Chatham House in the United Kingdom, renowned political analyst, and veteran journalist, Jimi Disu has come out to explain why the event has left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Speaking during a session of NIGERIA INFO FM’s ‘Dailies Today’ program on Tuesday morning, Disu faulted Tinubu’s decision to hold such an event at the Chatham house in the first place, adding that he felt ‘pained’ after watching the APC candidate’s performance on television. According to the veteran journalist, not only did Tinubu’s speech leave a lot to be desired, but his decision to delegate questions to his entourage was an indictment of his perceived inability to be personally abreast of the issues affecting the people he intends to govern if elected as president in the upcoming polls.

He said; “So, Tinubu went to Chatham House. First of all, you went with a crowd of people. That is not what is expected, and they clapped at every sentence he made.

That defeated the purpose. Well, they knew why they were clapping because, in truth, I listened to part of the presentation, and it was in fits and starts, and I think it was read. And to crown it all up, when it was time for questioning, you did the impossible. You needed to have seen the faces of the hosts themselves. He started directing the questions at other people. I was just pained. At one point I almost told Philip to switch off the Tv. I was pained.”

You can watch Jim Disu’s analysis below:

NOTE: Please forward the video to 57 seconds (Fifty-seven seconds).


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