2023 Presidency: Why We Thank God When APC Did Not Produce Osinbajo – Charles Aniagwu

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In an interview with AIT during the Kakkaki program, Charles Aniagwu, spokesperson, Atiku/Okowa presidential campaign council said they say thank God APC do not produce Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, as the presidential candidate because maybe they would have had a loss contest.

Charles Aniagwu made the statement while reacting to his APC colleagues on the program, who said that, before Tinubu left the Minna campaign rally ground, he gave a short speech which means is not on health issues.

Charles Aniagwu reacted when he asked, which short speech are they talking about? he claimed Tinubu started the prayer and ended it in a particular way.

“Before Tinubu could say in the name of Allah the most magnificent, he jumped into Jesus Christ. The same way he jumped from PDP, he jumped into APC….”

Charles Aniagwu then said the APC candidate is for their good. He alleged that APC stopped vice president Yemi Osinbajo from emerging as the presidential candidate of the APC which may have reduced their chance as PDP of winning.

“Buhari saw what the APC governors didn’t see, they stopped Osinbajo, a man that has demonstrated great intellectualism, they stopped him, because they have so much money in the APC from emerging, and we say thank God! that they did not even progress along that line, maybe we would have been able to have something that looks like a loss contest. I’m happy that Osinbajo would be sitting in one corner and be looking at them”


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